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Print information.

My Fine Art photographs are available as traditional fine art prints, part of an advertising campaign, or a digital shot for a website. I also offer a variety of custom framing, mat, and protective coating options that compliment every print. 

I've carefully chosen the following options for printing and framing:

Lustre is premium finish on a heavier paper. This option offers vibrant colors of that of glossy, with the fingerprint-resistant finish of matte. Printed on Kodak Supra Endura paper. This option is available in Standard and Other print sizes only.

Metal prints are also available as well. This option is ready to hang with hardware attached while giving the added effect as if your print was floating from your wall.

Thin Wraps: a Satin laminate which is neatly wrapped around a sturdy 3/16 Gatorboard.

All prints are printed by  Bayphoto print lab through an agreement with SmugMug.

Shipping Costs are added to all orders.

The  following paper print sizes and prices as follows :

Standard (Print only) sizes

8X10" -  40.00

8 X 12"- 60.00

10 X 15"-200.00

11 X14"- 300.00

12 X18"- 350.00 

16 X20"- 400.00

16 X24"- 450.00

20 X30"- 600.00

24 X36"- 750.00

30X40"- 1,000.00

Other (Print only) sizes

10X16" -250.00


14X22"- 450.00

30X50"- 1,100.00

Metal(High Gloss and Ready to Hang)

8X12" Float-160.00

12X18" Float-250.00

20X30" Float-350.00

24X36" Float-600.00

30X45" Float-800.00

40X60" Float-1,100.00

Thin Wraps ( Lustre/Satin Finish and Ready to Hang)




Proof Prints.

I offer 4X6 proof prints for you all, that way you know the high quality of my art that you will be receiving. Click on the gallery of your choosing, and click the Buy Photos tab on the top of the page, then select Photos from this gallery. Each proof cost 4.00 per print. 


As I briefly mention above, custom frames are available starting at 109.50. However, If you like to do your own framing, you can buy a print only.

For step-by-step directions on adding finishing options, please visit this Link

Personal/Commercial Photo License 

Personal licenses are available at 150.00. This personal use license is a low-resolution 1mpix (816X1224 pixels) which is suitable for blogs and online use.

Commercial photo licenses are available at 300.00 per photo. This is a high-resolution file with every pixel included. This is a good alternative for those who would like to print at a size that I do not offer.

With every license purchase, you will receive one high-resolution file (unless you're purchasing multiple photos)  for a one-time non-exclusive fee.   

Please feel free to contact me on which image(or images) you would like to license, and it's intended use.

Payment and Shipping Options:

My images are hosted through SmugMug, so you will use a standard shopping cart method to pay for your prints. My prints are made through a lab (Bayphoto) that I work with and mailed directly to the address of your choice. 

Terms and Conditions:

*All print and download orders are non-refundable. Please keep this in mind before purchasing.

*Some of the images do require cropping before checking out.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

 Unless noted otherwise, all images on this site are copyright under federal law. All rights reserved. ©2012-2019 Will Swinnea

Once again, thank you for your interest in my art. Please feel free to contact me at my email at swinneastudios@gmail.com, which can be done by clicking the contact me link above, or below. I look forward to your inquiries, questions, and suggestions.